Lawyers Capacitated in Ethical Conduct

The first-ever Ethics and Professional Conduct Week of the profession ended recently in Douala.

Men and women of the law profession in Cameroon have been drilled on ethical values.
The training held in view of righting wrongs that had hitherto plunged the legal practitioners into misconducts. The session which held at the Douala Maison de Combatant in Bonanjo from November 22-25, 2022, was a part of activities by the Cameroon Bar Association dubbed Ethics and Professional Conduct Week.
Speaking in his capacity as President of the Cameroon Bar Association, Mbah Eric, Barrister-at-law, admonished the lawyers to observe discipline and keep to honesty, justice knowing that they too are not above the law and the disciplinary hand of the association. He called for a sense of discipline and dignity.
The lawyers emerged from the training last Friday with a feeling of optimism, having been enabled to stand upright in the face of any lures to violate the standards that uphold the profession.
Earlier on, Alice Nkom, Barrister-at-law, highlighted the importance of the training, saying, there was need to allow the lawyer to exercise his or her profession without interference and called for a change in the current governance system: “Looking at the law profession today, this is not the way I thought I will end my life. When you go to courts today you don’t find anybody who speaks the same languag...



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