16-Day Activism against GBV : IDPs/Refugees Gain Skills

For three days they will gain knowledge on how to go about the sensitisation and fight against violence on young girls and women.

Some opinion leaders amongst the internally Displaced persons and refugees in Douala have been trained on how to go about combating violence against Women and girls within their communities. This was during a three-day workshop organised by the United Nations Human Rights in Douala. The workshop from November 28 to December 1st 2022, saw the different groups of participants receiving skills on how to fight against gender-based violence within their communities and the available resources to support survivors of GBV.
 During the workshop, the representative of UNHR Zoe Poznicek said violence against women is on a steady increase and it was high time all put hands on deck to combat the ill that doesn’t affect only women but the community at large. She added that IDPs and refuges at time go through violence and they sometimes don’t know where to report as a result the community based focal persons will assist them on what to do in case on GBV.
The representative of the regional Delegate of Women Empowerment and the Family, Ferdinand Baleng, said a lot of women suffer violence and most often are unreported. He added that in 2021, they registered 127 cases of GBV in Douala IV. He acknowledged ...



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