Cameroonian At UN Appeals Tribunal : SW Mobilises To Receive Justice Forbang

Thanks to President Paul Biya’s diplomatic radiance, relations across the region are planning a hectic reception for their son, recently elected as Judge at the UN Appeal Tribunal.

Beginning 1 July, 2023 and ending 30 June, 2030, Leslie Formine Forbang of Cameroon will sit as Judge of the United Nations Appeals Tribunal. He joins four others from different countries recently voted to the jurisdiction’s judgeship. Justice Forbang and colleagues were elected during the 77th session of the world body held in New York last 15 November, 2022. The election by secret ballot propelled the Cameroonian candidate who is Deputy Attorney General in the South West Court of Appeal to the world’s appellate jurisdiction based in New York (USA) for the current 193 affiliated countries of the United Nations. 
The UN Appeals Tribunal with its Registry is based in New York in the United States. The appellate jurisdiction, which handles internal disputes and disciplinary matters, holds sessions in New York City, Geneva (Swiss) and Nairobi (Kenya). The five Judges from different countries, including Forbang, were voted into office with the required majority and the highest number of votes from the UN member countries. In a nutshell, the UN Tribunal’s role is to settle, in accordance with international law, legal disputes submitted to it by States and gives advisory opinion on legal questions from authorized UN and specialized agencies.
Justice Forbang’s election fostered by the government’s diplomatic support comes at a time when luminaries in diplomatic circles see both Francophone and Anglophone of Cameroon as being given equal chances to shine under what they term President Paul Biya’s unifying leadership. And so he said in his 2017 New Year address to the nation, “Let us remain worthy of our legacy, of a united Cameroon, standing tall, proud and jealous of its freedom”. 
So to say, the elevation of a Cameroonian to the pinnacle of the world’s Justice system remains a pride for all patriotic Cameroonians be they from north, south, east or west. It radiates the worth of local training and ...



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