Africa Leaders Summit : American President Promises Closer Collaboration

He addressed African leaders at the Washington Convention Center yesterday where the Cameroon Head of State was also present.

African leaders attending the US-Africa Leaders Summit holding from 13-15 December, 2022 had the occasion to listen to their host, President Joseph Biden yesterday 14 December, 2022 on day-two of the event. The United States President was speaking at the close of the 2022 US-Africa Business Forum, (USABF) one of the key points on the agenda of the Summit. Cameroon’s Head of State, Paul Biya attended the closing at 1:30 Washington, D.C. time before taking First Lady Chantal Biya to dinner where they joined other African leaders present at the Summit. 
Rolling out his address concerning the vision of relations he intends to pursue with Africa, President Joe Biden said, his commitment towards Africa dates back to his days as Senator. He recalled that while in the Foreign Relations Committee of the Senate, he worked as chairman of the African Affairs subcommittee and got to spend a lot of time in Africa, visiting almost all African countries. Before announcing a series of initiatives that his administration is taking towards Africa, he revisited the current Covid-19 pandemic that saw the USA offering 231 million doses of vaccines to 49 countries in Africa including Cameroon. 
The US President pointed to Africa’s growing potentials with the African Continental Free Trade Area that represents the largest free trade area in the world with 1.3 billion people totalling 3.4 trillion dollars market; saying that US has signed an MoU that permits both continents to get things right. He gave example as ensuring protection to workers across Africa and the United States, lifting up opportunities for women-owned businesses, diaspora-owned businesses and supporting the continent’s vibrant and growing urban economies. President Biden stated a series of investments and huge sums for various infrastructural projects in Africa. Speaking amidst thunderous applause, he said his government through the U.S. International Development Finance Corporation is investing nearly 370 million dollars in new projects; 100 million dollars to increase reliable clean energy for millions of people in Sub-Saharan African, reinforcing communication facilities to enhance digital economy and much more.
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