Counting Huge Gains

Participating at the second US-Africa Leaders Summit in Washington DC turned out to be a memorable event for Cameroon not just in terms of the major conference discussions, but equally the huge diplomatic and economic spinoffs that President Paul Biya made for the country. Popular excitement and public demonstrations in support for national institutions with both separatist converts openly carrying banners dissociating themselves from all acts that tarnish the image of the country and foreign guests received in audience by various members of the President’s entourage also expressing their desire to work with government at diverse levels in tackling development challenges as well as fostering stability in Cameroon sounded like an appeal to national consciousness both at home and abroad. 
One indication of the diplomatic success of the presence of President Paul Biya to Washington, D.C. could be measured from the concluding audience, on the sideline of the Summit which the Head of State granted to the President of Guinea-Bissau, Umaro Sissoco Embaló, who currently chairs the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS). Without having to know what both leaders discussed, it would not be hazy to view an examination of issues concerning both countries, on the one hand, and relations between the Economic and Monetary Community of Central African States (CEMAC) and ECOWAS, on the other. Talks of joining some economic blocs in Africa have been rife of late and the Cameroon Head of State is certainly one of the pivotal actors in such decisions. 
Also significant, from the first day of the arrival of the Head of State and First Lady in the United States of America on 10 December, 2022 was the impressive crowd of supporters of the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement (CPDM) who sang and danced alongside those who had in the past cried out against the unity of the country. They openly professed their resolve to work in ensuring that peace and concord returns to all parts of the country including the South West and the North West Regions which have for the past years witnessed unrest by separatist factions. Such show of solidarity was to be visible even from audiences that the President’s entourage granted to various foreign personalities at the Conrad Hotel in Washington DC on behalf of the Head of State.
For instance, the reaction of the American Under Secretary of State, Wendy Ruth Sherman and her team who had lengthy discussions with Minister Mbella Mbella of External Relations was full of meaning and character. They told the press after the audience that America remains committed in working with the government and people of Cameroon to ensure that peace and stability should remain one of the bedrocks of Cameroon. Such a positions from a high US official has a deeper resonance once it is understood within the context of moves by the US Government on 28 November, 2022 to indict three Cameroonians who are naturalized American accused of raising funds online worth 350,000 US dollars, which is an estimated FCFA 217 million, to purchase arms for separatist fighters in Cameroon. Those being indicted are equally cited as masterminds of armed gangs responsible for using explosives in both restive regions and specifically the kidnapping of Emeritus Cardinal Christian Tumi, now of late, and the Fon of Nso some time in November 2020.  Getting such engagements from American officials and the American justice system in favour of Cameroon all give a sense of new-found comfort in bilateral relations between Cameroon and the United States of America. 
A similar resolve cuts across when one listened either to Peter L. Briger, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Hydromine involved in the construction of the Eweng Dam with the capacity of 1,080MW as well as Clay Neff, Chevron President for Middle East, Africa and South American also respectively received in Washington DC on behalf of the Head of State by the Ministers of Energy and Water Resources, Gaston Eloundou Essomba and ...



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