Sane Stewardship

President Paul Biya in his message to the youths of this country, Friday evening, harped on the importance of moral rectitude, discipline and creativity in our efforts for development.
“I can assure you that I have never lost sight of the objectives that we have set ourselves together to build a strong nation, a prosperous economy, a proud country free and united in diversity.”
This challenge goes not only to the youths of this country, but also their parents, teachers, administrators, traditional authorities, and religious authorities, whose stewardship, lifestyle and relations with other citizens, these youths daily appraise. To build a strong nation with a prosperous economy in a free and united nation therefore demands adults who are conscious of the fact that they face the challenge of setting the examples that make life worth living. Consequently, the good examples set by adults would serve as stewardship training being dished out to the young to copy and continue the task of nation building. But the young must be willing to embrace the virtues expected of them by those teaching them through their own patriotic living. 
In his address to the youths, the Head of State called on them to arm themselves with intelligence, wisdom and determination to use skills, and talents to face today’s challenges and those of the future. What a test of maturity and challenge to forge ahead despite the shocks of life!
On the contrary if youths and adults use their talents and skills acquired through computer literacy to foster criminality and perpetuate societal ills, they would be destroying the very nation they are challenged to build. 
The Head of State strongly decried this misuse of the Internet and digital platforms which make many lose touch with reality.  
The building of a nation with respect of reality demands, discipline and sustained effort...



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