Printing of Text Books : Council Inspects Capacity of Printing Presses

The two-day visit took the team to different printing presses in Douala recently.

It was a busy day for the members of the Council for the approval of textbooks and didactic materials as they spent the 17- 18 of February visiting different printing presses that have proven to be capable of printing books and other didactic materials for schools in Cameroon. The council two-day visit to Douala gave them the possibility to inspect machines, other equipment, stocking facilities, packaging ability and capability of meeting the market without delays.
Their visit is coming at a time when the Prime Pinister has initiated a project to give part of the printing job to some local companies as such this cannot be done without proper examination and evaluations. Reasons why the vice president of the council for the approval of textbooks and didactic materials Prof;. Rosalyn Mutia explained that after their assessment they will send their report to the Prime Minister for final decision. She added that they were vising printing presses that are already in the process of getting the printing job.
On his part, the Permanent Pecretary of the Council of the approval of textbooks and didactic materials, Prof. Marcelin Vounda Etoa, reiterated that they were also examining the quality of the printing. He said the printing press should be able to print at least one hundred thousand copies per primary ...



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