Douala II : Municipal Stadium Constructed

The inauguration of the stadium took place on Thursday April 13, 2023.

The Douala II municipal stadium, dubbed “Fampou David Dagobert”, has been inaugurated. The stadium situated at the Kassalafam neighborhood in the Douala II municipality saw the light of day on April 13, 2023. The inauguration ceremony was presided at by the Senior Divisional Officer for Wouri, Benjamin Mboutou in the presence of the City mayor, Roger Mbassa Ndine. During the ceremony, the SDO congratulated the Mayor of the Douala II council for transforming the municipality. He expressed satisfaction for the realization of the municipal stadium as it was difficult to have a space of that nature to construct a stadium. He said the people of New Bell are fond of opening businesses on every open space, as such, he pleaded with them to stay away from the stadium. He appreciated the fact that the stadium was fenced and wellsecured. The SDO added that sports is essential for human health. As such, the population will have a wellsecured space for sporting activities. He called on the population to cherish the stadium and keep it clean. He said the stadium has also come to beautify the municipality. The Mayor of the Douala II Council, Denise Fampou thanked all those who made the realization of the project possible. She said the construction of the stadium was d...



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