Girls in Technology : IFC Improve Skills

This was during the day to encourage young girls in information and communication technologies.

The Youth Corner of the French Institute Cameroon known by its French Acronym as IFC on Saturday, April 29 organized a day for girls in ICT. The day itself which was celebrated on April 27 is aimed at inspiring a global movement to increase the representation of girls and women in technology.  The day also has a goal of equal access for young girls and women to opportunities in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The main goal of Girls in ICT is to cultivate the presence and digital skills of young women and girls aged 12-24 in the career field of STEM, particularly ICT.
It was against this backdrop the youth corner of IFC brought together young girls from the age of eight to train on ICT. During the training, the young girls took lessons on the functioning and programming of a computer and how to use a computer generally.
According to the officer in charge of the Youth Corner at IFC Douala, Madam Etoh Ngoua Elisee, they also used the Day to exhibit the works of women who are in technology so as to motivate the young girls to see the women as role models which will encourage them to ge...



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