Challenge : Journalists Drilled On Stress Management

This was during a one-day workshop that took place in Douala on Friday, April 28.

Information from the Association of Journalists and Communicators of Health (AJC) reveals that the journalism profession is sometimes very stressful, as most often journalists are under pressure so as to meet up with deadlines. On the other hand, some offices or workspaces for journalists do not have toilets or eating spaces. Some journalists do not have a closing time as some work all day long at times even in their sleep. The pay package is also another bone of contention as some journalists have very little or no pay. To this effect, AJC in the Littoral Region on Friday, April 28 organised a one-day workshop, during which they drilled journalists on how to survive the stressful working condition. The workshop on the theme "A safe and healthy working environment as a fundamental principle and right at work", the journalists received lectures on how to manage stress at work. 
One of the speakers at the workshop Dr. Roger Tapa, explained that stress management will enable the media practitioners to develop strategies to help better deal with stress and difficulties at work. For him, managing stress can help lead to a more balanced, healthier life.  He also emphasized that stress is an automatic physical, mental, and emotional response to a challenging event. It's a normal part of everyone's life. 
On tips of managing stress, he advised the media practitioners to identify the different causes of stress and take the right decision rather than drinking heavily o...



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