Secondary Education : Some Powers Transferred To Regions

A decree by the Head of State details the competences transferred.

Accelerating the decentralisation process in Cameroon occupies centre stage in the policies of President Paul Biya. It is within this framework that he issued a decree laying down the conditions governing the exercise of some powers devolved to regions in the area of secondary education on April 27, 2023. Seven main areas of competences are being devolved by the State to regions. This executive agreement gives regional institutions the power to participate in the preparation and implementation of school map in their regions. These include constructing, extending, equipping, maintaining and ensuring the upkeep of secondary and high schools, purchasing school equipment and supplies, as well as the recruitment and payment of support staff of the said establishments in accordance with available budgetary resources. Other powers also transferred to regions is their representation within the management and dialogue bodies of government secondary and high schools, and the distribution as well as award of scholarships and grants to these schools. They shall equally support Council actions in the area of primary and nursery school. 
The decree further specifies how each of the abovementioned competences shall be transferred. Regions, as per Article five of the decree shall participate in the preparation and implementation of the national school map at the regional level through expression of opinions on the creation, upgrading and extension of secondary and high schools, as well as proposals to update, modify or amend the school map. They shall also express the teaching staff needs of the various regions, manage the project for the construction, extension, maintenance and rehabilitation of educational facilities, including classrooms, workshops and specialised classrooms, administrative blocks, infirmaries, official accommodation, playgrounds and latrines. For the recruitment and payment of support staff (working staff for performing routine non-teaching tasks, and any part-time teachers recruited on the basis of an employment contract), regional councils shall, as and when necessary, recruit and put support staff at the disposal of secondary and high schools within their territorial jurisdiction. The salaries of support staff shall be paid by regions. As per the purchase of school equipment an...



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