West : CPDM Supporters Thank President Biya

Senator Sylvestre Ngouchinghe, head of the CPDM list at the last senatorial election of 12 March 2023, has told thousands of exciting followers of the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement (CPDM) party who jammed the Bafoussam ceremonial ground on 30 April 2023, that they have won a great victory, but a lot still has to done to adapt individual and collective behaviour to ensure future achievements for the CPDM party in Mifi Division. Senator Ngouchinghe was addressing thousands of CPDM militants and supporters drawn from the three party sections of Mifi central, Mifi west and Mifi north at the Bafoussam ceremonial ground, for a “Thank you” meeting to President Paul Biya, for accepting their son to stand as candidate at the last senatorial election.
According to Senator Sylvestre Ngouchinghe, more concrete measures have to be taken to ensure the rigorous, dynamic and efficient management of the victory in the last 12 March 2023 senatorial election. He told the supporters that the meeting was organized to thank President Paul Biya for the confidence conferred on him and to appreciate the regional and municipal councillors who found him capable of representing them. 
For his part, the president of the organizing committee, Mayor Tafam Roger said the elected Senators of the region merit the confidence which their comrades placed in them, by voting them with 98 per cent score. He called on Mifi militants to unite and collaborate, so as to work together for the higher interest of the party and a united Cameroon. Tafam called on milit...



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