Certificate Examination : The Parents too...

Most parents read along with their children to ensure that they succeed, especially during certificate examinations.

Examination time is a serious time in every student’s household. All the children care about studying well and scoring good marks and the parents are behind to help them. At the moment there is higher pressure upon students sitting in for the end of year examinations, most parents are aware that their way of parenting during this period can make a difference. So, parenting during examination becomes challenging as parents need to make conscious efforts to maintain an environment of peace and calm, as high levels of stress can affect their child's performance.
Against this backdrop, most parents now accompany their children in reading. Most of them have mapped out strategies to accompany their kids, as explained by Theodore Tatjem, who now returns home early daily to revise with his daughter, who sits in for the GCE O Level. “She is my first child and I must do everything for her to succeed. She is doing the English system of education unlike myself who did the French System of education. I never use to understand the English language but today, I am forced to learn and to teach my daughter. I wake her up every day at 4 am so she can read. When I get the topic that she is studying, I usually check on the Internet so I can understand better and explain to her”, disclosed Mr Theodore Tatjem. He added that since his daughter started writ...



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