Artificial Intelligence and Development : Bringing Solutions to Local Problems

This was during a three-day conference that took place at the University of Douala from the 19-21 of June.

A three-day conference on the positive aspects of artificial intelligence has opened at the University of Douala. The conference to run from the 19-21 of June 2023 on the theme “Artificial intelligence: driving innovation and the digital economy for socio-economic development” is aimed at bringing out the positive aspect of artificial intelligence and how it can contribute to socio-economic development. Artificial intelligence which is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems, and encompasses the ability to learn and to reason, to generalize, and to infer meaning, most often has been used negatively reasons why the speakers during the conference brought out ideas on how to use artificial intelligence for development.
While opening the conference in Douala on Monday, June 19, 2023, the representative of the rector of the University of Douala, Professor Marie Ntamak-Nida said such a conference is out to educate and sensitized the public on the positive aspects of artificial intelligence. She added that artificial intelligence can be used in health, education and other sectors to improve the livelihood of the population. Being the first conference on such a theme in the University of Douala, she went on, the faculty of science at the University of Douala will organize more of such to sensitize the population. She said more research is ongoing in the domain which is all geared towards improving the livelihood of the population.
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