Heavy Rains : Floods Hit Douala

This was after a heavy downpour that lasted three days.

It was a difficult Saturday for Douala city dwellers. The heavy downpour that began on Thursday evening and lasted till Saturday night have left some people homeless while others are still battling with overflow water in their houses.
Movement in Douala almost came to a halt as the roads were transformed in to mini rivers and streams as the heavy downpour could be visible making it difficult for pedestrians and car owners to move.
People living in areas where the rain water caused damage are currently gnashing their teeth in misery and agony.  Floods were visible in Dekage-Akwa, Bilongue, Mabanda, Bonamoussadi, Sable, Bangue, Missoke, Village, just to name a few.
Water overflowed the Missoke bridge; “Pont Bonabassem”, “Sable” bridge, making it not passable. Most vehicles were forced to pass through Ndogbong as even bridge around rond-point Maetur was impassable. Till about 5pm, most of the roads with bridges were not passable. 
Most city dwellers have been praying for the rains to stop as the damages so far are enormous. “Most often when it rains I am forced to stay at home so as to be able to clean the water that is entering my house.  Even with that my belongings still get wet&...



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