North West : Bamenda Celebrates Execution Of C2D Projects

Some 11 neigbourhoods in the City of Bamenda have benefited from important projects executed in their various communities by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development and the City Council thanks to the Debt Reduction and Development Contract (C2D).
This was revealed by the North West Local Coordinator of C2D programme, Dr Njeta Bertrand said recently after a visit to the various projects sites in Bamenda. He said “we have executed several projects already; particularly basic urban facilities which include toilets in primary schools, considering that some schools were not actually having good sanitary systems".  Apart from toilets, while in Bamenda I, the team visited a pedestrian foot bridge linking Alaating and Ayaba quarters, Public light spots installed at the Pork Meat Junction   and in the Moyo corner or better still Akwena I in Bamendankwe.  In Bamenda II, the visiting team went to   G. S Old Town where a toilet was constructed, a bridge at Ntarinkon Opposite Oscar Shop to Matgenie and Ntamulung where public lights are equally installed. The inspection team was also in Bamenda III, where the inhabitants celebrated the construction of a toilet and a playground at G. S Nibung in Mile 4 Nkwen which now acts as a center of attraction to youths and their parents.  The inhabitants of Foncha Street Ntaghem equally celebrated a foot bridge which has come to ease movement. 
The Local Coordinator, Dr Njeta Bertrand said the whole idea is to ensure that the population has basic urban facilities mostly used by children and the population at large on daily bases. He said they have placed cabbage cans along roads and markets in the city of Bamenda to ease waste disposal and management. He, however, revealed that there are still ongoing projects. He also said there are road pr...



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