Edwin Forjindam : Ambassador of Peace

Edwin Forjindam is a municipal councillor in the Santa council but most of all a crusader for peace in the municipality. His numerous efforts for the return of peace in the municipality earned him the title of Ambassador of peace, a title conferred on him by over 3500 youths in the presence of some Fons. As president of the youth committee of the Santa council, Edwin Forjindam regularly organizes sports competitions for youths. He is noted to have organized a peace march in Santa in which over 5000 youths from the municipality took part. ‘The peace march was to call for a return of peace in Santa so that our brothers and sisters who are displaced in the country should come back. Santa is a rich agricultural basin and we need all ours sons and daughters to transform it’, he said. And Forjindam is preaching by example as he proudly says he is a farmer who employs over youths in his farm. He says he usually mobilise youths to carry out clean up campaigns in Mefebe village and Santa.
He is also vice president of the Cameroon Patriotic Youths, an association that stands for the defence of State institutions and advocate for peace. They have been touring the national triangle preaching the values of peace and sensitising youths against the dangers of drug consumption or participating in violent protest march. Because of his stance for peace, Edwin Forjindam says he has be...



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