“We Bring Administration Closer to the People”

HRH Samkie Elvis Gahnyam II, Mayor

Can you present your municipality to us?    
Santa Sub division is made up of so many villages. Our municipality has a border with the West and South West Regions. We are neighbours with many municipalities, Babadjou, Ngalim, Balikumbat, Bamenda I, Tubah and Bali councils respectively. The municipality is made up of about 200.000 inhabitants. We grow all types of crops in our municipality. We are famous in the production of green spices which is sold all over Cameroon and neighbouring countries like Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Congo, and Central African Republic. We also produce garri. Santa people are also involved in petty trades like carpentry, motor mechanics, driving and so on. We have many touristic sites like the Lake Awing and Mount Lefo. We have other un-developed touristic sites like Ngo in Baligham, Mbuh, Bafochu and many others that are yet to be developed.

What are the development needs of the people and what have been doing to address those needs?
My main concern has been bringing the administration nearer to the people, promote entrepreneurship among the youths and see into it that electricity is accessible to all the local suburbs despite the prevailing security situation. The provision of water, road rehabilitation, construction of warehouses in all the villages for farmers to store their products, construction of farm-to- market roads to enable farmers easily transport their produce to the market.  We need educational establishments and most of all industries. We need machines that can enable us process our cassava into garri or other subsidiary products so that we can not only produce in larger quantities but also add more value to our products and thereby generate employment. We need industries to process our dairy products. We thank the government for the ongoing construction of the Bamenda-Babadjou road which is going to spur development in the municipality. Other roads have been earmarked for construction...



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