Made In Cameroon : Bar Code 617 for Identity

It will go a long way to give visibility and traceability to the national label products.

Bar codes are everywhere but identifying bar codes for Cameroonian products has been a bone of contention.  Identifying Cameroonian products within and without the country has been an issue over the years. Even in supermarkets within the country, consumers and dealers in “Made in Cameroon” have been unable to trace the authenticity of the products. To put an end to these, a bar code has been derived for Made in Cameroon products. The bar code “617” will go a long way to give traceability to Cameroonian products. The code that was designed by GS1 Cameroon will help to identify and add value to Cameroonian products nationally and internationally. Barcodes must be designed in a precise, uniform way so a scanner can read them and transmit the encoded data to a computer. Using various components, a bar code may also reveal the country of origin, product category, and manufacturer.
 During a press conference in Douala on September 26, the Chief Executive Officer of GS1 Cameroon, Mr Fabris Ekeu, explained that they were out to sensitize the population and producers on the use of bar codes on their products. He said the bar code 617 is accessible to all stakeholders in the made in Cameroon sector. He added that a bar code adds value to a product and each country has its own barcode. The Chief executive officer Fabris Ekeu further explained that they were out to assist Made in Cameroon promoters progress towards standards of excelle...



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