AFCON 2023 : Cameroonians Assured of Live Broadcast

The National Communication Council – NCC was in Douala on January 11 to concert with image distributors and broadcasters.

Members of the National Communication Council – NCC were in Douala on January 11, 2024 to concert with stakeholders to ensure that Cameroonians receive images and sounds of the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON 2023) in their homes wherever they are. The concertations saw the different stakeholders giving an appraisal as far as the acquisition of rights to broadcast the different matches were concerned.  It came out from the concertation meeting that CRTV had acquired rights to broadcast all 52 matches in English and French, Canal 2 international acquired non-exclusive rights to broadcast 29 matches in English and French while Canal Plus Cameroon and Equinox acquired non-exclusive rights to broadcast all 52 matches in French only. 
With the above statistics, the President of the National Communication Council NCC, Joseph Chebonkeng Kalabubse assured all Cameroonians that they will receive all matches of AFCON live.  He used the opportunity to call on broadcasters and image transmitters who haven't gotten the broadcast rights to negotiate with those who have to ensure that the matches are well covered. He said football is precious to Cameroonians. Thus, they can't relent in their efforts to ensure that every Cameroonian no matter where he or she is should receive the images. He was aware of the challenges faced by the different stakeholders. He called on them to ensure that their programming during AFCON permits for the broadcast of matches. He used the opportunity to urge dist...



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