Cameroon-United Kingdom : Two Business Allies

There exist old-aged relations between Cameroon and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. History binds these two countries who are now good trading partners. Most recent statistics on trade relations between the two parties stand at an estimated £699 million, that is approximately 528 billion 600 million. There are prospects of further improving economic and trade relations, especially through modern partnerships and other deals. It is against this backdrop that the President of the Republic, Paul Biya, yesterday January 16, 2024 granted an audience to the special envoy of the British government for the UK-Africa Investment Summit, Dr. Alastair Mcphail at the Unity Palace. In Cameroon to encourage the country’s participation in the high-level encounter that holds in April this year, it was an opportunity to discuss various sectors of common interest and areas of possible investments. With Cameroon embarking on the part of emergence by 2035, and the National Development Strategy 2030 that provides for the diversification of partners for optimal resources, the participation of Cameroon at the Summit will serve as springboard for the elaboration of partnerships for development. Globally, His Majesty King Charles III’s government supports economic development in Cameroon, especially through the Economic Partnership Accord, which provides continuity in trading arrangements including duty-free and quota free market access. The United Kingdom market accounts for about 12 per cent of Cameroon’s export of bananas. 
There are several British companies present in Cameroon operating in various sectors and contributing to job creation, empowerment and economic growth. Amongst them...



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