South West : NGO Champions Environmental Cleanliness In Buea

The sanitation departments of Buea Regional Hospital, South West Regional Assembly, South West Regional Delegation for Agriculture and Rural Development, South West Governor’s Office and Buea Subdivisional Office have been enforced with cleaning materials. The items including floor rags, buckets, trash and cans amongst others were handed to the institution’s officials on Monday January 8, 2024. The clean environment campaign championed by Global Initiative for Agriculture and Sustainable Development Association (GIASDA), is aimed at improving the visited institution’s sanitary conditions thereby encouraging them keep their working environment clean and healthy. 
The various recipients expressed utmost gratitude to the donors. While reassuring the donors that the item will be efficiently used to elevate the hospital’s hygienic condition, Dr. Ronald Gobina, Medical Adviser at the Buea Regional Hospital, said the hospital’s cleanliness is their top priority. As such, any assistance in this area is duly appreciated, he added.  Herman Hoigen Ekwalla of the South West Regional Delegation of Agriculture emphasized that the trash cans’ role to halt littering and to keep their environment clean. Gobina Simon of South West Regional Assembly also saluted GIASDA and further indicated the need for the collective efforts of all inhabitants of Buea to sustainably manage waste. Officials at South West Governor’s Office and Buea Subdivisional Office said their premises ho...



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