South-West : Mmock Leteh Village Holds Cultural Festival

The youths of Mmock Leteh village in Wabane Subdivision, in Lebialem division of the South west region, have been told to play constructive roles in fostering a culture of openness and tolerance, that will ensure participatory development in Mmock Leteh village and Wabane Subdivision at large. The youths and the entire population were also told that culture must become an agent of development priority, and not just a forum for leisure and entertainment.
The appeal was made by His Majesty, Chief Fotang VI, of Mmock Leteh village, while chairing the Mmock Leteh median cultural festival that held from 29-30, December, 2023, at the Mmock leteh palace court yard.  He reminded the elite who jammed the esplanade of court yard of Mmock Leteh village in thousands, that they must play a key role in ensuring self-development process, which remains complementary to that of the State. He said both internal and external elite of Mmock Leteh village must use culture to restore it as a tool of underpinning development in the village.
His majesty Fotang VI, thanked the elite who supported the organization of the cultural festivities with both material and financial assistance, to continue to support culture to assimilate and share the Mmock Leteh cultural value where ever they are, so to safe-guar...



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