South West : Region Allotted FCFA 22.476.590.000

A delegation from the nation’s capital, Yaounde, has rounded off their financial pedagogic expedition to the South West Region. They came to explain the rigmaroles of this year’s budgetary provisions to vote holders, controllers and business persons residing in the Region. Their key message was that nothing would be like before again as those having to do with the State money must sit up this time around to more discipline, method and care. 
In his opening speech, Governor Bernard Okalia Bilai who sat in for the Minister of Finance announced a global sum of FCFA 22.476.590.000 to be spent in the South West Region this year. Of the amount, FCFA 13.239.672.000 will go for investment while the rest enters into recurrent running of State services. Okalia Bilai insisted on tax payment, collection and limpid expenditure. He called for strict budget discipline and sued for a quick return to total peace to allow for the lofty infrastructural investments earmarked for the Region this year. The Governor rejoiced that the South West enjoyed a 97 per cent execution of its 2023 budget and called for the same and better attitude this year.
Money experts from Yaounde dwelled on the novelties in expenditures this year to include the stepping up of public in...



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