“We Settle Disputes Amicably”

Motaze Telelen Dorothy Atabong, Public Independent Conciliator for the South West Region.

How is the health of the Office of Public Independent Conciliator for the South West?
OPIC is waxing very strong. We are receiving complaints in our office and we are carrying out our outlined activities on our road map. We are trying as much as possible to explore every strategy to ensure that the population is informed, educated, and sensitized about the presence of the Office of the Public Independent Conciliator for the South West Region. We are using different platforms like the radio to propel this agenda. We use Pidgin English, local languages of the South West, and English language. Our mission range between handling dispute in an amicable manner, designing measures that prevent or combat direct or indirect discrimination, and ensuring that people’s rights are not infringed upon. We have a range of complaints that come from people especially contractors who feel discriminated or feel the mayors favour others in paying them. We have issues of birth certificate. People say that when they go to some councils, they are asked money for the issuance of civil status documents which are supposed to be free of charge. I am calling on parents to know that when their children are born they should go to the council so that their children can have birth certificates. They will not spend anything. But when they wait until the children are above three months then they will spend money in court to produce court judgment. 

What is the purpose of the gathering in Limbe where you brought in actors in civil status registration and council officials?
I called this seminar because I need to continue educating and sensitizing the population of the South West Region about the Office of the Pubic Independent Conciliator for the South West Region. Well placed people in the society who are supposed to have heard about this office claimed they have never heard...



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