National Unity : PRC TV Highlights Pertinence

A special programme on the channel highlighted virtues of national unity prior to the 52nd edition of the National Day.

National unity is indeed dear to the Fatherland. A special programme on national unity was broadcast on PRC TV, a channel specialised in showcasing the President’s activities. The production of the Civil Cabinet of the Presidency that lasted about two hours of broadcast touched on several aspects of national unity. Presented in the form of a newscast, coupled with the sampling of views of some Cameroonians, topics handled in the special programme centred on the theme of this year’s edition of the National Day celebrations; "Army and Nation: Together for a United, Peaceful and Prosperous Cameroon,” and various actions carried out by the President of the Republic in fostering national unity and peaceful social cohesion. 
The programme opens with the presentation of the country’s potentials, spanning through its natural resources, wildlife and touristic sites. Then comes the first topic of national unity treated in the programme, which is bilingualism. After highlighting how the Head of State has multiplied efforts in promoting bilingualism such as the creation of the National Commission for the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism, and enacting the December 2019 law on the promotion of the official languages in Cameroon, amongst others, the programme further samples the opinions of Cameroonians on how they are encouraging the use of the two official languages. One of the views collected and used in the programme is that of a lady with origin from the North West Region who is married to a gentleman from the West Region. “We do not have a problem in communication because my husband is very bilingual. I am working on improving my French language. We live together in harmony and our children are bilingual,” she stated. The opinions of employers and employees...



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