Senate : legislators Receive Six Bills

The plenary sitting in which the legal instruments were tabled was chaired by First Vice President, Aboubakary Abdoulaye, yesterday June 12, 2024.

Some six bills have been brought before Senators for consideration. The documents were communicated on June 12, 2024 during a plenary sitting chaired by the First Vice President of the Senate, Aboubakary Abdoulaye. The first bill seeks to authorise the President of the Republic to ratify the Air Transport Agreement between Cameroon and Canada, signed on June 1, 2022 in Yaounde.  The agreement, built on the Convention on International Civil Aviation is intended to promote the reciprocal and balanced operation of air services between Cameroon and Canada. Ratifying the agreement will have a significant benefit of increasing economic flows, developing civil aviation and tourism, and generating related activities. To that effect, Cameroon's national airline, CAMAIR-CO, is working with Bombardier Inc. of Canada to strengthen its fleet.
Secondly, came the bill to regulate archives in Cameroon.  The document provides for the control of archives in order to ensure the proper preservation of the national archival heritage. Its adoption by Parliament will help to modernise the current system by providing it with a more appropriate legal framework.  It will also create added value in terms of human resources by revitalizing digital archives, professionalising archiving and establishing a mechanism for monitoring the management of archives in sectoral ministries. The third bill beseeches the President of the Republic to proceed with Cameroon's accession to the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) copyright treaty, adopted in Geneva, Swiss Confederation on December 20, 1996. The treaty of 115 State parties aims to modernise the protection of copyright, particularly in the era of the emergence of digital technology. Acceding to this Treaty is part of a normative process aimed at strengthening the legal framework for the protection of copyright in Cameroon.  
Another legal instrument handed to legislators for consideration is the bill to authorise the President of the Republic to proceed with Cameroon's accession to the International Conven...



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