Kidnapped Ndian Division Delegates : Efforts Underway To Secure Their Release

South West Governor says the administration is working round the clock for that as well as to restore calm and order.

News of the kidnap of half a dozen Divisional Delegates (heads) of Government Services in Ndian administrative Division in the South West Region has flown round. 
In effect, reliable sources say on Tuesday, 15 June, 2021, the Delegates from Mundemba, headquarters of Ndian Division, were travelling by land to Ekondo Titi (one of the nine Sub-Divisions of Ndian) on an official assignment to demarcate land for the construction of an electricity plant to enhance power distribution in Ndian Division. Between 9 and 10am at two kilometres to Ekondo Titi, precisely Misore road junction, armed men erupted and forced them into the bush. Early hints spoke of some ransom being asked by the assailants but later on conflicting notes from the social media refused any such ransom. It is not clear yet which amounts were requested.
What is clear is the kidnap of Delegates who at press time were still under captivity. They include Mambe Elvis Ebaku (State Property, Land Tenure and Surveys), Felicia Ndong (Housing and Urban Development), Elad Emmanuel (Water and Energy resources), Mbida Armand Christian (Small and Medium Sized Enterprises, Social Economy and Handicraft), Agbor Stephen Nyenty (Divisional Chief of Service for Surveys) and the alleged slain Mabia Johnson Mudika (Economy, Planning and Regional Development...


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