Manifestations Against State Institutions : Gov’t Urges Cameroonians To Be Exemplary In Republican Morality

Below is a statement from the Minister of Communication.

“It is no secret to anyone that, for some time now, the visits of the President of the Republic, His Excellency Paul Biya, and his wife to certain foreign countries have been giving rise to aggressive, violent and uncontrolled actions and demonstrations organised by some of our compatriots, motivated by the desire to disrupt the smooth running of the said visits. 
Faced with this notoriously serious situation, the government of the Republic hereby recalls that the President of the Republic is an institution enshrined in the Constitution. The fundamental law, stipulates in Article 5, paragraph 1 that “The President of the Republic is the Head of State”, and in Article 8, paragraph 1 that, “The President of the Republic represents the State in all acts of public life”. 
From the foregoing, the Head of State is neither the head of a region, nor the head of a group, a community or a corporation, but the Head of the State of Cameroon and of the entire Cameroonian people. 
As such, wherever he may be, he is entitled to respect and deserves the consideration of all his compatriots.  
This means that an attack directed at the person of the Head of State is an attack on Cameroon and Cameroonians as a whole. 
Building on this, all Cameroonians of good will, animated by a sense of patriotism and conscious of their intrinsic responsibility and the sacredness of the office of the President of the Republic, strongly condemn the irresponsible actions of these compatriots.  
Such exactions, masterminded and orchestrated by heterogeneous and visibly misguided groups, are detrimental not only to the one who, by the will of the vast majority of the Cameroonian people, is presiding over the destiny of our Nation, but also to the image of Cameroon and to the dignity of the Cameroonian people. 
The government of the Republic, through my voice, appeals to the patriotism of these fellow citizens in the diaspora, to their honourability and sense of responsibility, so that they refrain from such inappropriate, dishonourable and pernicious actions, which can only heap opprobrium on all, and harm their own...


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