Teachers’ Demands : Regional Governors To Ensure Normalcy

The Minister of Territorial Administration, Atanga Nji Paul in a note has instructed Regional Governors on how to handle illegal movements and to continue to concert with legal unions.

After getting reliable information on the resurgence of grievances by personnel of the education sector fanned by a group of persons, members of movements known as “On a Trop Supporté” (OTS) and “On a Trop Attendu” (OTA), the Minister of Territorial Administration, Atanga Nji Paul signed a note on May 6, 2022 instructing Regional Governors on how to handle the situation on the field. 
The Minister said that the two movements void of any legitimacy are flooding the social media with tracts calling on teachers to go on strike. As illustration, he cited the document published on April 23, 2022. He indicated that initially, government had the goodwill and within the context of appeasement associated teachers who claimed to belong to these movements in consultation meetings that concerned mainly the trade unions of the education sector with legal existence. As at now, Atanga Nji said, it appears that OTS or OTA movements have over a hundred representatives, coupled with the fact that at each moment, government has to meet new intercessors with additional grievances. To make matters worse, some teachers who overtly belong to the OTS and OTA movements were caught in a meeting with officials of political parties and Non-governmental Organisations. He disclosed that the discussions in the meeting had nothing to do with the demands of teachers , but rather political issues that could cause uprising  and that the suspects are under investigation.
Taking all these into consideration, the MINAT boss has instructed Regional Governors to as from the date of signature of the note engage in the systematic identification  and arrest , as the case may be, signatories of the tracts circulated by OTS and OTA movements in compliance with the laws in force. On the other hand, they have to maintain contacts with legal teachers trade unions that at all times have shown prove of u...


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