Attractiveness : How Regions Sell Their Potentials

Regions as local authorities have the daunting mission of championing development and some have been making frantic efforts to project their attractiveness to development partners.

From November 9-19, 2022, the Far North Regional Council will in the capital, Maroua showcase the attractiveness of the region through the exhibition of its economic, cultural, tourism and human capital potentials. This will be within the framework of the socio-economic forum christened, “Far North Business Week.”
The Far North Regional Council in the first-ever economic forum has set out to sell the region’s potentials and assets to development partners, members of the elite and other stakeholders who may be interested in the development of the region. This is just a tip of the iceberg of activities Regional Councils have been and  have to embark on in order to get additional resources and development partners to carry out the needed development. The Presidents of the Regional Councils for the French-speaking Regions and Presidents of Regional Assemblies for the English-speaking Regions that have special status have been organising seminars, workshops, awareness –creation meetings, holding discussions with partners and other fora with development stakeholders to present the assets and problems of their respective regions. It is true that the Regions in terms of carrying out development projects are still at the starting phase considering that they have not been operational for long.
Regional Councils and Regional Assemblies are empowered by Law No. 2019/024 of 24 December 2019 to Institute the General Code of Regional and Local Authorities to carry out development projects. The projects are in the areas of economic development; environmental and natural resources management; spatial planning, regional development, public works, town planning and housing; health and social development and educational, sports and cultural development. Each Regional Council is compelled by the law to draw up a regional development pla...


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