Voter Registers : ELECAM Adopts Innovative Strategies

The use of artists and influencers, televised commercials, proximity measures and community radios are some of the measures being used by the elections management body to woo citizens.

As the next electoral year of Cameroon approaches, Elections Cameroon (ELECAM), the elections management body of the country is putting in place practical and innovative strategies to ensure persons of voting age have their names enlisted on electoral registers. This according to the institution will guarantee a more inclusive and participative electoral process. Conscious of democratic principles and true to its missions, with the aim to attain set objectives, ELECAM is implementing these strategies which include the use artists and influencers, televised commercials, proximity measures, community radios and missions abroad. Broad-based consultations between Elections Cameroon and other stakeholders, nationally and internally, are ongoing. Elections Cameroon in the South West Region is seen collaborating in the recent days, with political parties in the region, notably the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement, the Popular Action Party and the Cameroon Renaissance Movement. 
Amongst the tactics are proximity registration points; that is taking the registration process closer to the people. Where ELECAM has noticed a mass gathering, mobile registration points have been installed to have as many people registered as possible. Church services, markets and other social gatherings are case in point.  Using the opportunity of the mass gathering, Elections Cameroon has installed mobile registration points around these places. 
There are also commercial exchanges which encourage voter registration. There is a popular advert of a man asking his friend to offer him a drink and in return, the friend replies, “show me yo...


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