Paris Peace Forum : Pursuing Measures For Global Safety

Cameroon participated as one of the main actors at the Forum in Paris to make the world better secured.

The two-day discussions that took place in Paris, France to propose innovative and open solutions to the multifaceted problems that threaten peace in several parts of the world ended yesterday 13 November, 2019. Cameroon played an outstanding role in the deliberations with President Paul Biya leading the delegation from the country. The Head of State equally presented the position of Cameroon with regards to global challenges and also demonstrated how the country is able to weather the storm both internally and externally
Before the official closing ceremony at 4PM local time yesterday at the Grand Halle de la Villette in Paris, a number of topics came under scrutiny. The issues discussed centred on: “Ensuring the social sustainability of environmental efforts”; “A fusion of solutions: Towards common principles on Artificial Intelligence”; “Shaping a More Effective Response to Drug Trafficking Worldwide”; “In Defence of Pluralism: Including Minorities in Diverse Societies”; “My country first! Anti-Globalism and the Questioning of Collective Action”. Concerns like drug trafficking, artificial intelligence, environmental degradation and the inclusion of minorities in diverse societies, and so on, are clear challenges that stare Cameroon and the world in the face. Thus, it was understandable why the Head of State sought to be present. 
Speaking at the opening on the “Rise of the south: towards a more balanced global governance system”, Mr Biya delved into the approach being taken in Cameroon to tackle a burning subject like the tense socio-political climate in the South West and North West Regions of the country and the expansion of relations between Africa and other international partners like China. He equally harped on the need to reform the international system if countries of the south have to be given the chance to emerge, even if like others, he acquiesced that developing countries also have to take up the challenge and forge their way through the global stage. 
From 120 projects presented at the forum, ten were selected to receive support from the scale Up Committee within the next one year so that there should be concrete evidence when the decision makers next meet to evaluate strides taken. The selected projects touched on governance, climate change, education and new technologies and they came from different parts of the world, the aim being to ensure the concrete results can be achieved....



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