Dangerous Deviation!

Cameroon is a State of law, one would agree, looking at the legal instruments guiding each activity and sector in the country. It is the more a democratic society where nationals and non-nationals are allowed to create and run pressure groups; call them Non-governmental or civil society organisations, through which they are supposed to champion societal issues. The 1990 laws in Cameroon have permitted for the surge in the number of these organisations created by people that operate independently from any form of government interference. 
What is rather disheartening is the recklessness with which some of the groups operate. Inasmuch as no one would expect purportedly independent bodies to toe government line, displaying outright disdain for State institutions, sometimes showing clear bias in their reporting and worse still, presenting themselves as the ‘devil’s advocate’ is to say the least, disturbing. The behaviour of these NGOs, contrary to what they presented as vision and mission before getting authorisation from government, is an utter derailment from their missions. Dangerous deviation indeed! 
Moving away from their objectives on issues concerning the security of Cameroonians makes analysts to start wondering if these organisations are not agents of destabilisation simply clothed in borrowed robes as Non-governmental or civil society organisations. That the Ministers of External Relations and of Territorial Administration summoned the official of Médecins sans frontières to jointly call him to order speaks of the gravity of what is going on. 
Cameroon is going through a multitude of challenges across the country and it is unimaginable to think that organisations, which set out to ensure that human rights are respected and that the rule of law prevails, would themselves be made to be seen as relay agents of enemies of the Republic. Who do they work for or whose interest are they out to serve are yet unanswered question in many minds.  
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