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A caravan of seven cabinet Ministers led by the Minister of Territorial Administration will today 7 September 2020 end a five-day working visit to the Far North Region following instructions from the Head of State, President Paul Biya. The composition of the team, the localities that they have visited and the assistance offered to the population all make the outing to go beyond fact-finding. Even more has been the difficult terrain which the members of government have had to criss-cross.     
The presence of Ministers such as that of Public Works, the Economy, Livestock, Decentralization, Agriculture and Housing, there is every reason to believe that there will be solutions to part of the acute problems faced by a cross-section of the people who have witnessed several harsh climatic conditions within the past years. So much hunger and hardship inflicted on the people by the extremist Boko Haram insurgencies have made a bad situation worse. Recent floods have sent people homeless in the Far North Region and the heavy rains that resulted in overflow of river beds and dams took along main bridges and isolated some localities from the rest of their communities.     
In the face of such natural calamities and the daunting hardship on the population, no one could remain indifferent. Knowing how dear the region is to the Head of State given that he personally launched campaigns for the 2018 presidential election in Maroua, the plight of the people will obvious be of prime concern to Mr Biya. In addition, the positive response that the people gave to the Head of State’s presence in their region by overwhelmingly voting for him during the presidential election is a sign of faithful political bond that cannot be ignored. Consequently, the cabinet members who went to show compassion with the people naturally took along concrete messages of hope in terms of assessing, and where possible, providing on-the-spot solutions to some of the challenges that the people are facing. The current destruction that occurred in the regions on houses, roads, bridges and even food items has been such that the people may need robust interventions to avoid further disasters like hunger, health crises, and deprivation.     
Besides the food items and other basic necessities that the ministerial convoy handed over to the population during their stay in the Far North, the fact that they an uphill task travelling to some of the localities earmarked due to bad weather all point to the urgency of the hurdles. Once back in their offices the Ministers will give due consideration to the suffering of Far North inhabitants. Thus, the people are not only being given justifi...



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