Quality Men Needed!

Cameroon is negotiating the last bend towards putting in place all the institutions contained in the 1996 Constitution vis-à-vis the decentralisation process in the country. And this weekend is going to be very decisive in the choice of men and women who will set the base for the vital structure when elections hold on December 6, 2020.
In effect, the deadline for submitting candidacy files at Elections Cameroon (ELECAM) is billed for Tuesday September 22 going by the electoral code which stipulates in Section 181 (1) that, “Candidatures shall, within 15 days from the convening of the electorate, be made out in nomination papers in three copies, bearing the legalised signature of the candidates and submitted at the council branch of Elections Cameroon against a receipt.” The President of the Republic convened the electorate for the first-ever elections of Regional Councillors on September 7 and September 22 will make exactly 15 days; meaning the legal deadline.
As such, competing political parties and traditional chieftaincies that are by law called upon to present candidates for the elections have been working round the clock to meet the deadline. Reports from across the country speak of growing interest from the population aspiring to constitute the pioneer Regional Councillors. 
Visibly, the aspirants have already made known their intentions by submitting their candidacy files to the various investiture committees crafted by political parties bracing up for the December 6 historic elections. Logically, this weekend is going to be decisive in the various party headquarters on the choice of the respective party flagbearers. 
Inasmuch as the criteria for selection remain the exclusive prerogatives of the structures concerned, it however goes without saying that the seriousness of the Regional Councils largely depends on the calibre of men and women chosen to man them. The country no doubt has good legal and administrative instruments notably the 1996 Constitution and most importantly the 24 December 2019 law to Institute the General Code of Regional and Local Authorities which clearly outlines the rights and responsibilities of Regional Councils.
But beyond the texts, which are ostensibly clear, the success of the national decentralisation at the grassroots passes through people who are representative and knowledgeable enough as well as have the interest of the people they represent at heart. As a matter of fact, quality men!
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