Despicable Acts Of Cruelty

Those who declare war may always claim to know why they have done so, but at the end of the hostilities, it is impossible to justify or understand what happened. The brutal massacre of eight school kids of Mother Francisca International Bilingual Academy in the locality of FiangoKumba on Saturday 24 October 2020, is to say the least, cruel. Such acts of terrorism perpetrated against innocent students who are simply out in quest of knowledge can never in anyway be justified.     
Talking about the act as barbaric could have been easier said if the issue was just to warn against violence or destruction. But here is a macabre scene of bloodletting with school children murdered in class for no fault they committed. For the past four years of political unrest in the South West and North West Regions, education has been the greatest victim in this senseless struggle. Yet, there is no place on earth where anybody can give reasons why those who seek to go to school should be prevented from doing so. Curiously, the genesis of the problem was a number of cooperate claims by Teachers` Trade Unions and Common Law Lawyers. Even more, Government accepted the demands in good faith and has since 2016 made numerous efforts at providing solutions depending on the means available. 
Unfortunately, the situation in both regions has remained unpredictable with school children at the cross-road. This jeopardizes the future of these kids. Even deciding to massacre some of them and their teachers has been regular occurrences over the last four years. The sheer violent nature of most of the killings have rather reflected a level of bloodletting that leaves no one indifferent.     
What happened in Kumba over the weekend demonstrated the extent to which extremists have opted to cross the Rubicon and inflict pain on the people who simply want to exercise their right to have their children educated. No doubt the wave of condemnations has been widespread. Political leaders, traditional rulers and international humanitarian organisations have been indignant over the spilling of the blood of innocent children. Yet, echoes of the resumption of classes in the North West and South West Regions have been full of instances where parents, students and the entir...



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