Assertive Production!

News that Cameroon is adopting about 300 fresh norms on the production of goods is obviously heart-soothing. With the world increasingly becoming a global village wherein goods and services are almost knowing no frontiers, there is need to get well armed to face the competitiveness that comes with such opening up. In effect, it is a jungle-like scenario where only viable goods stand the test of time. Anything short of the competitiveness entails the country and her goods would easily be pushed off the global market space. 
As consolatory as the announcement of the new norms sounds, stakeholders absolutely need to know that norms alone would be meaningless if the country doesn’t produce in quality and quantity. In fact, norms are conventional and satisfactory standards on how goods should be produced. Having the best of norms when you can’t produce what would be needed or what could be proposed to the world is as good as nothing. 
The sectors concerned: Agro-food, textile, civil engineering/construction, health/social actions, chemical engineering and painting are an embodiment of the country’s rich potentials. Almost all the activities of the population are centred on these areas and could fetch a lot for the country if well developed. The coming of the new norms should be a plus!
Logically, Cameroon shouldn’t have problems with quantity production of their own goods given the favourable conditions in the country. Fertile arable lands, good weather and a youthful population are assets for optimal agro-pastoral production and others concerned with the norms. But on condition that existing human and natural resources are well harnessed.    
What those in the production chain likewise the powers that be may need to ...



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