Transparency Imperatives!

As ongoing campaigns for December 6, 2020 election of pioneer Regional Councillors in Cameroon get to the apex with barely 72 hours to the historic polls, speculations are already rife on who or which political party or traditional ruler could carry the day in which of the 58 constituencies.  As a matter of fact, the tussle for the 900 seats at the Regional Councils (90 per Region comprising 70 Divisional Councillors and 20 Traditional Rulers) promises to be spectacular. For, none of the aspiring political parties, their designated flagbearers or representatives of traditional authorities would want to play the game just for the sake of it. 
Visibly, the stakes are high and the interest of the aspirants as varied as their profiles likewise their socio-cultural backgrounds. The person-to-person campaign strategy most of them are adopting speaks of shrewd determination to convince as many electors as possible to choose them on the day of reckoning come Sunday December 6, 2020. 
These are therefore signals that the Regional Councillors are coveted positions whose election must be given maximum transparency. Inasmuch as cries of foul play are customary in any elections, irrespective of the nature, country and continent, stakeholders in Cameroon absolutely need to stretch full length for the Sunday polls to be void of damaging misgivings.  
It is true that the election is organised by an independent elections management body that shouldn’t have interest on who wins at the end of the day. It is also true that government, through the Ministry of Territorial Administration, is deeply involved in ensuring security and other non-negligible details for an acceptable election. But the task of ensuring that transparency prevails throughout the entire electoral process is multifaceted. 
By legislation, political parties and traditional authorities vying for seats are supposed to have representatives at each polling station. Their presence there is to oversee the process and endorse the report at the end of the day. Efforts should thus be made for all the parties competing to get their representatives who will be their eyes and ears. In fact, trustworthy people who can rise above manipulation so that the perpetual outcry of electoral fraud; tenable or not, could be a thing of the past or at least reduced to the barest minimum. 
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