Thumbs-up To Defence, Security Forces

Cameroon, despite security challenges at different parts, has remained a united, indivisible country with its territory and people protected.  Even the relative calm and tranquillity lived in greater parts of the country are not by chance but the results of the committed, professional and diligent work of the Defence and Security Forces.
The Head of State, President Paul Biya in his 2021 New Year message to the nation on December 31, 2020, in recognition, commended the bravery of the Defence and Security Forces that have not failed in their duty to protect the national territory, the people and property. Owing to the fastidious work of the Defence and Security Forces, President Biya said, “they deserve the respect and consideration of everyone. »  and gave them thumbs-up when he said, « I encourage them to keep up and to remain a republican force that respects human rights.”
Indeed, maintaining security and peace throughout the national territory has always been one of government’s preoccupations. This mission is incumbent on the Defence and Security Forces. The forces have stood their grounds in the face of external threats in the Eastern and Northern parts of the country. Particularly in the Adamawa Region, highway robbers used to pose a great security threat to the local population with their hideous activities centred around kidnapping stockbreeders and their herds and demanding huge ransoms as condition for their release. The defence and security forces have over the years mercilessly fought this crime and the population can now move with relative ease in the area. The forces have also stood firm in their fight to maintain security in the East and Adamawa Regions that have fallen prey to attacks by armed rebels that move into Cameroon from the trouble-ridden neighbouring Central African Republic.
In the Far North Region of Cameroon, the forces in conjunction with the Multinational Joint Task Force have reduced the attacks of the armed terrorist sect Boko Haram to the barest minimum. President Biya in recognition of the efforts of the forces said the “effective vigilance and action of  our Defence and Security Forces have significantly reduced the activities of these criminals.” Indeed, the threat from Boko Haram at moment takes the form of isolated raids or suicide bomb attacks by teenagers.
The teething security challenge in Cameroon now however remains in the North West and South West Regions where armed groups have maintained an atmosphere of terror and insecurity. Contrary to the first years of the socio-political and security crisis in these two English-speakin...



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