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New Year wishes ceremonies had become a tradition in the various ministries in Cameroon. The years past have witnessed the institutionalization of this particular event incidentally inserting it as part of the projects financed by the State budget. The ceremony had become an occasion for the different Ministries to draw a balance sheet of their activities for the previous year while at the same time putting up strategy on how best to execute the budget for the new financial year. The situation this year will surely take a different shape following the announcement by the Civil Cabinet annulling New Year Wishes ceremony at the Unity Palace. It goes without saying that the suspension will stream down to all the Ministries and other institutions that had made it an obligation.  The reason behind the suspension is everyone’s guess; the COVID-19 pandemic. 
The question on many minds now is how an event that had long been budgeted be completely sidelined. What will happen to the finances already engaged? In short, how will the situation be handled?  New Year wishes ceremonies it should be recalled were not just a hand-shaking event. It entailed a number of issues, some of which cannot be completely shoved aside with a wave of the hand. During this occasion, workers aired their views on how their ministries or institutions have been fairing. The occasion opened up taps for criticism and suggestions towards better performance. Many ministries made sure New Year wishes ceremonies coincided with their annual conferences as well as other activities.  The importance of such annual conferences cannot be underestimated. Authorities concerned are surely scratching their hea...



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