Sharpen Efficiency Tools!

Government’s arm in evaluating the performance of public corporations and public establishments has come up with yet another report on how these entities fared in 2019. In effect, the Technical Commission for the Rehabilitation of Public and Parastatal Companies placed under the Ministry of Finance in its latest report has examined the input and output of some 50 State corporations in varied sectors, presenting what it terms ‘Consolidated Situation.”
The report is said to be an instrument for analysing changes of those entities vis-à-vis governance, managerial components, operational capacities, financial balance as well as structural and financial challenges. This is aimed at giving government useful information so as to enable it take all necessary measures to improve the performance of the outfits and seek ways of reducing budget risks incurred by the State. 
Granted that the second annual report is a barometer reading of how well public corporations and public establishments performed in course of the year, revealed realities should therefore guide the decisions of all stakeholders. Inasmuch as the target of the exercise is not to reward excelling entities and crucify struggling ones, it is but logical that those who perform well need to let the fruits of the good work be felt by all who worked for that. 
As a veritable tool to guide government in defining the State’s equity investment policy, the spirit of the report is to galvanise those who manage State entities to employ excellence management techniques so as to stay afloat even in the midst of turbulence like the ravaging pandemic and raging crisis. If a State corporation is perceived as a strong government arm in managing natural, financial and human resources, there is need for those on whom their management has been conferred to redouble efforts in ensuring efficiency. They can strive to break even in crisis moments like now but normally, State c...



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