Prove Your Worth

The year 2021 is not an electoral year in Cameroon but political parties have to go back to the drawing board with new strategies for non-electoral activities.  This is certainly the time for the political parties to evaluate their performances starting from the presidential election of October 2018, the twin election of Members of the National Assembly and municipal councillors on February 9, 2020 to the December 6, 2020 first ever election of Regional Councillors.
Government on its part, with the election of Regional Councillors, has completed the setting up of all democratic structures enshrined in the 1996 Constitution and the playground is now levelled for all political parties to strategies and bring in innovative actions and activities to remain afloat. This will from every indication enable them to leave indelible imprints in the minds of electors to whom they will turn for votes in the next electoral period likely in 2025.  The mutation in Cameroon’s political landscape became manifest in the previous elections with new political parties coming to prominence while some of those that attracted electors in the yesteryears witnessed dwindling fortunes. 
The specificity is with the ruling Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement (CPDM) that has maintained its supremacy in the National Assembly, Senate, Municipal Councils and Regional Councils. The party officials must redouble efforts on the field to maintain its leading position.
There are also new political parties that have come to the limelight occupying seats in the National Assembly in the current 10th legislative period and Councils. Some of them are: Cameroon Party for National Reconciliation (PCRN) with five seats in the National Assembly, Cameroon National Salvation Front (FSNC) with three seats in the National Assembly and the Union of Social Movements (UMS) with two seats in the National Assembly. These emerging political parties have to work to prove their worth on the field. This will enable them win more members and prepare them for greater victories in the upcoming elections. The Social Democratic Front (SDF), the hitherto leading opposition party  with only five seats in the National Assembly and seven elected Senators, needs to wake up and device new strategies to get back to the glorious books of Cameroon&rsquo...



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