Piloting Covid-19 Combat Ship

Cameroon may be far from wholly winning the war against the dreaded Covid-19 pandemic but the combat strategy, method in use and the results obtained thus far under the leadership of President Paul Biya, raises hopes that the doom predicted on the continent could pass the country by. Constantly reminding fellow compatriots to strictly abide by hygiene and sanitation rules, galvanising the health personnel and readjusting almost all activities in the country in view of clipping the wings of the devastating pandemic as the Head of State has been doing has greatly helped to put Cameroon above the woos of the dangerous virus.
Little wonder the Special Edition of the, “LE TEMPS DES OPPORTUNITES,” a bilingual publication of the Civil Cabinet of the Presidency of the Republic, hails the Head of State’s clairvoyance in keeping the country above the murky waters. It wouldn’t have been otherwise given the commitment taken by the Head of State ever since the pandemic hit the country in March 2020. Cameroonians and keen observers can vividly recall how the Head of State rolled out a combat strategy which is being readjusted till date. In effect, on March 17, 2020 when Cameroon had registered only ten cases of the pandemic and constituted one of the 146 countries touched then, President Paul Biya instructed that Cameroon’s land, air and sea borders should be closed. This meant that all passenger flights from abroad were to be suspended, with the exception of cargo flights and vessels transporting consumer products and essential goods and materials, with stopover times to be limited and supervised. 
Among the 13 measures instructed by the Head of State from the beginning also features the closure of all public and private training establishments of the various levels of education, from nursery school to higher education, including vocational training centres and professional schools. Prohibiting gatherings of more than fifty persons was not the least. 
Difficult to imagine that an event of great magnitude like the National Day whose historical and political significance need not be emphasised could be cancelled. But Mr Biya did that in the interest of his fellow compatriots. The Head of State knows that health is wealth and couldn’t give room for any gathering, irrespective of its importance, that could compromise the precious and priceless lives of his people. Traditionally, National Days are occasions to celebrate, with joy, Cameroon’s national unity as well as her republican and democratic values. But in 2020, it couldn’t be done at all cost. At least, at the detriment of human life. 



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