In Defence of Nationhood

Leadership responsibility is huge and embodied with a whole package of challenges. A leader irrespective of how small the community he leads is has under him people with varied ideas and intensions. There are those who will agree with just anything he says or does and there are those who will never at any moment accept to give him a pass mark even when they know he deserves it. The situation is much more complicated with political leadership especially when an individual succeeds to climb to the apex of a nation.  When President Biya stands before the peoples’ representatives and swears in the following words; “I do so swear”, he takes the heavy load of defending the flag, the Anthem and the territorial integrity of the country besides ensuring that the citizens live in peace and harmony. Of course, this requires a lot of strategizing and Presidential tact that are capable of building up patriotism and enforcing the togetherness of the nation and its people.
The special edition of “Le temps des opportunites”, a publication of the Civil Cabinet of the Presidency of the Republic tells the story of how President Biya has been strategizing to attenuate the flames of disintegration ignited by the different crises that have been hitting the nation. Of particular note is the fight against Boko Haram Islamist sect in the Far North Region and the socio-political crisis of the North West and South West Regions. In effect, politically speaking, the fate of the nation would have been hi-jacked by these two unfortunate crises were it not for the leadership clairvoyance of the Head of State. Among the litany of measures taken in a bit to maintain the integrity of the nation afloat were the convening of the Major National Dialogue and the mobilization of the national defence forces. As the President himself assured in September 2019, all is being done to arrive at a peaceful resolution of the Anglophone crisis. “Since the outbreak of this crisis, I have spared no effort, with the help of Cameroonians of goodwill, in seeking ways and means for its peaceful resolution”, he said.
In effect, the President’s penchant for peace to return to the two Anglophone regions of the country is rooted in his inaugural speech of 6 November, 2018 at the National Assembly before God and before man. Reforms aimed at resolving problems raised by teachers and lawyers calling for the restoration of the Anglo-saxon educational and Common La...



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