Customers Await Brighter Prospects!

Electricity consumers in Cameroon are certainly keeping their fingers crossed and hoping for better days ahead. They who have suffered intermittent supply of the precious service and sometimes unexplained bills at the end of the month.
It is certainly no news to anyone that the absence or insufficient electricity supply keeps almost everyone in difficulty and maintains the economy on its knees, if not on its stomach. Imagine a household or business centre that is deprived of electricity for days or weeks. What about an industry that needs the commodity to power its machines and produce what the population needs. The case of hospitals is even pathetic as precious lives have been lost for want of energy to power some life-saving appliances. 
The announcement that ENEO Cameroon has raised FCFA 100 billion from eight local banks to speed up the development of the electricity service in the country therefore raises hopes that the numerous difficulties the population face in accessing the basic commodity at affordable rates could be resolved. The earlier the plan for which the money is raised is transformed into palpable realisations the better. For, constant and affordable electricity supply is indispensable for both household and industrial development. 
If Cameroon has to keep its emergence vision alive; efficient, clean and affordable energy supply constitutes one of the indispensable ingredients alongside other infrastructures. ENEO can therefore understand how much Cameroonians are looking up to it to deliver them from darkness with all that insufficient and costly energy supply heralds in terms of inhibiting socio-economic development. T...



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