Optimal Projects’ Execution Remains Crucial!

There appears to be an all-round determination to right wrongs that have perturbed project’s execution in the country, especially those contained in the Public Investment Budget. Government has moved from one innovation to the other to get all stakeholders abreast with existing reforms and what could be done by who, where, when and how for projects to move from the logbook to concreate execution for the good of the people to whom they are meant. 
The most recent of such moves is a publication by the Ministry of the Economy, Planning and Regional Development, in the English and French languages titled, “2021 PIB: Keys to Smooth Execution.” Keen observers will agree that the guide comes against a backdrop of not-so-good performance in the physical and financial execution of the Public Investment Budget. Initiators blame the dismal performance on ignorance of the new public finance procedures and the public procurement reforms. But bad faith cannot be waved with a hand!
Granted that ignorance could be responsible, there should be every reason now to hope for change. Now that all actors in the execution chain have the tool for the ownership of the contractual procedures and physical and financial execution of Public Investment Budget, a new page needs to open. Unenviable reports of late award of contracts, poor execution or outright abandonment of contracted projects should be made to belong to history. 
Stakeholders must not lose sight of the fact that these reforms are good for the offices but field execution of projects is what benefits the people to whom every responsible system works. Spending time in seminars to explain what is or what is not supposed to be at best increases knowledge and if all were to embrace the maxim that knowledge is power, then every actor must now work tooth and nail to step up the rate of physical execution of the Public Investment Budget.  For, these projects have direct bearing on the population with a high propensity to step up their living standards if speedily and optimally executed. 
It is difficult for the much-trumpeted ‘Vision 2035’ to make meaning when the grassroots population do not have potable water, farm-to-market roads, e...



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