Celebrating Africa’s Prowess!

As the dust settles on the just-ended sixth African Nations Football Championship (CHAN) which Cameroon hosted from January 16- February 7, 2021, the 16 participating countries likewise observers certainly have different stories to tell. Obviously so as the fortunes are as diverse as the teams and the outlook of the competition varied from one person to the other. 
If observations and declarations are anything to rely on, then one can conveniently say Cameroon lived up to the billing. Infrastructure wise, the four sites retained for the three-week competition visibly made the teams feel at home far from their countries, on and off the pitch. From Mfandena in Yaounde through Japoma and Reunification stadiums in Douala to Ngeme in Limbe, the playgrounds gave the home-based African footballers the opportunity to display their visibly rich talents. From the group stage to the final, those who braved the odds of the disturbing Covid-19 pandemic to get to the stadium as well as those who watched on television relished every moment of the game. The spectacle was there as all the teams battled to wear the crown that finally went to Morocco; for the second consecutive time. 
Given that the competition was practically one of the first after last year’s lockdown imposed by the dreaded but still lurking Covid-19 pandemic, Cameroon redoubled efforts and put in place all that was necessary to guarantee the health safety of the athletes and other members of their delegations. From the airports to their hotels and to the stadiums, every detail was worked out to ensure a hitch-free competition, though controversy still raised its ugly head with regards to the authenticity of some Covid-19 results. Perfection, we all know, is not of this world. The fact that organisers were foresighted enough to step up the number of players per team (from 23 to 33) and which met a ready Cameroon to offer adequate accommodation permitted the competition to continue after all. This too is what made CHAN Cameroon great! 
The fine football temples which Cameroon offered to the continent and more so under the morose economic atmosphere prompted by health and securi...



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