Maximising Opportunities In Growth Blueprint

As Cameroon redoubles efforts to render fruitful the recently endorsed 2020-2030 development plan, President Paul Biya believes there is so much therein that could solve numerous youth problems. All they need is to be fully involved. The National Development Strategy 2020-2030, as the new blueprint is known, seeks to angle the country on the path of sustainable growth capable of giving it a middle-income status by 2035. 
With its underlying goals of carrying out structural transformation of the economy by making fundamental changes in economic and social structures so as to promote inclusive development while preserving opportunities for future generations, the youth are by every means at the centre of all actions. They have the vibrancy to sustain the growth vision and are the highest beneficiaries of the spinoffs of the ten-year development strategy. As the plan seeks to make Cameroon an industrialised country, youth will certainly be on all fronts in the national strategy which revolves around mass production and robust local processing. 
In his traditional message to the youth on February 10, 2021 on the eve of the 55th National Youth Day, President Paul Biya invited his young compatriots to explore all opportunities offered by the National Development Strategy 2020-2030. He reminded them that, “The broad outlines of our country’s progress towards emergence by 2035 have been redefined in our National Development Strategy adopted recently. It is necessary to fully acquaint yourselves with it so as to identify all the opportunities it offers.”  
By this beacon, the Head of State is inviting his fellow compatriots to avail themselves of the numerous openings contained in the already charted growth path and contribute in building a Cameroon they desire for themselves and future generations. Simply put; making themselves assets for sustainable growth. President Paul Biya once qualified each of the youth as a “star in our sky. You are the ones who light up Cameroon. You represent the positive values of a radiant and winning Cameroon. This is why the government is not relenting in its efforts to ensure that you play your rightful role in shaping the future of our country.”  It is obvious that each Cameroonian youth is gifted in one domain or the other. Getting fully immersed in their areas of competence with each striving to be at best would be jointly putting hands on deck for the plan to work. The efforts of all and sundry are needed to materialise the growth vision.
No one is certainly unware of the fact that Cameroon is facing several challenges, including revitalising the economy, improving the security climate, strengthening the sociological fabric and improving the livelihoods of the population in a sustainable manner. Attaining these lofty objectives logically requires unreserved adhe...



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