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The controversy over the management of alleged electricity-related fraud cases in the country at least depicts one thing - The interest stakeholders have in the sector. What may be difficult to ascertain is whether the expressed concern is for common or egocentric interest. However, the role energy plays in the country’s socio-economic progress remains pivotal. It is no secret that energy is vital in the optimal functioning of households and industries and no State can develop when her people and industries cannot boost of its stable and affordable supply.  
The apparent misunderstanding between the electricity supply; ENEO and the regulator; ARSEL, on the management of alleged fraud cases on the connection and use of the vital development asset should therefore be people-centred. Inasmuch as they have their institutional egos to protect, they must be able to disagree and agree on the wellbeing of the people who badly need clean, stable and cost-effective energy in households and industries. 
Government and development partners have injected huge sums of scarce finances into giant electricity development projects. Hydroelectricity dams constructed or under construction across the country should have been dependable sources for efficient energy supply in the country. There are even gas powered plants that are supposed to normally produce good quantity and quality energy for the population both in households and industries. There are also talks of innovative energy-generation sources, notably renewable. In fact, diversification of actors and projects that would have logically been a plus to the population and by extension the national economy. Regrettably, the number of actors and projects in the sector have been growing by the day with little or nothing changing on the ground; pushing many to question the authenticity of the popular maxim that two or more heads are better than one. 
Rather, what the population is constantly served with are sometimes baffling bills, recurrent electricity cuts and accusations and counter-accusations of management structures on sometimes disheartening shortcomings of the sector.   The current mix-up between ENEO and ARSEL is no doubt on the way the former is handling suspected fraud cases on electric...



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